It’s Really About YOU…

You want to protect your employees, your business, your assets. There are no shortcuts when it comes to Fire and Life Safety Equipment. These are Life Safety items designed to protect people. Would you cut corners when it comes to protecting people? Neither would we! That is why at coname-txt2we will only provide what we feel are the best equipment and products available. We feel when it comes to Fire and Life Safety only the best will do. We work hard to find the best products and maintain the highest level of service so when you order from us you know you are in good hands. We want to help you protect the people you work with, and make you feel safe and secure. Speak to a  representative and we believe you will understand why we are different. We do not take shortcuts when it comes to protecting the people we know and we would like to get to know you.

Is your workplace FireSafe?

What makes us different? …Why is coname-txt2better?

We understand workplace safety is a major priority and the fact is we love what we do. We understand it is the quality of our service that will keep you coming back to us. We believe in building a relationship with our customers. We are here to answer your questions and take the time to explain our products and services. Let us show you why we do it better.